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FREE Webclass: Unlock the Power of Belief Transform Your Life and Achieve Your Goals

Are you ready to tap into the incredible potential that lies within you?

Meet Mark Baker

Mark helps companies transform their presentations and marketing by introducing the Power of Storytelling to their communication arsenal.

  • Forge Unshakeable Resilience: Ignite your team's potential and achieve extraordinary results.

  • Harness the Power of Belief and Expectation to transform your company for unprecedented success in business.

  • Exceptional insights delivered with authenticity, humour, and real-world experience.

For a memorable and insightful event, book Mark Anthony Baker as your keynote speaker or workshop leader. With his authentic presence, remarkable insights, and captivating style, he will ignite the atmosphere, setting the stage for profound learning and meaningful engagement. His thought-provoking content is delivered with authenticity, an energetic performance and humour, Mark will not only entertain your audience but also provide them with the necessary tools, not just to survive in these dramatically changing times, but thrive like never before!

Prepare for an unforgettable experience that will leave your attendees inspired and rearing to take action..


Published Author

An Unbreakable Spirit

How childhood abuse caused a young boy to unlock the power of his mind to heal and achieve enduring success

Delve into 'An Unbreakable Spirit' and journey with Mark Baker as he unveils the profound power of beliefs, resilience, and the indomitable human spirit that lies within us all.

FREE Affirmation Cards

Unlock the power of positive affirmations designed to boost your child's self-confidence, emotional resilience, and promote a positive outlook on life.

For a limited time, we're giving away our unique Affirmation Cards FOR FREE to 200 lucky families ready to take their child's development to the next level.

FREE Belief Coin

The coin serves two purposes. It was created to use with the powerful anchoring exercise as outlined in the book. It is also a reminder coin that can be carried with you to remind you of the three core ingredients of the imprint phenomenon, Desire, belief, and expectation.

NEW: The Imprint Phenomenon

We could all benefit from a little more self-belief in our lives. As young children, we are often told that we just need to believe in ourselves, but no one ever seemed to be able to explain how, until now.

The amazing combination of belief and expectation is one of the world’s best-kept secrets. When combined, they become an unstoppable force enabling people’s lives to be transformed in ways they hadn’t previously dared to imagine.

The power of belief and positive expectation can and will transform your life, the lives of your children, and even your company’s fortunes.

The call to a completely different future awaits you within the pages of this book.

New: The Imprint Phenomenon Kit

Discover the transformative "Imprint Phenomenon" program. Dive into the best-selling guide filled with strategies to reshape beliefs and conquer procrastination. Enhance your journey with 40 powerful affirmations by Mark Anthony, designed for the unique Imprint Bracelet, also known as The Magic Bracelet for children. Benefit from the dual-purpose Anchor Coin, emphasizing Desire, Belief, and Expectation. With the included fast start guide, harness the power of the Imprint Bracelet effortlessly. Begin your journey to personal transformation today!

Work With Mark


Dive into a curated suite of services designed to unlock your beliefs, reshape your mindset, and catalyse profound personal growth.


Personalised Belief Consultations

Embark on a transformative journey as Mark Baker delves deep into your beliefs, helping you unearth and overcome barriers.


The Imprint Phenomenon Kit

A comprehensive toolkit crafted to empower individuals with the resources and strategies essential for self-guided belief transformation.


Imprint Phenomenon Workshops

Engage in immersive sessions that introduce and guide you through the revolutionary approach of the Imprint Phenomenon.


Transformational Events

Participate in life-altering events that combine dynamic teachings, experiential learning, and community support for lasting change.


Courses and Webinars

Dive into curated online modules that explore the depths of belief systems, offering tools and insights for self-evolution.


Group Coaching

Join like-minded individuals in collaborative sessions, fostering collective growth and belief re-alignment under Mark Baker's guidance.


Dive Deeper with Mark's Courses, Workshops, and Seminars

Master the Art of Self-Belief Through Immersive Learning Experiences

Embarking on one of Mark Baker's meticulously crafted courses, workshops, or seminars means giving yourself the opportunity to delve into the heart of transformative beliefs. Each session is a synthesis of years of expertise, real-world anecdotes, and actionable insights. Designed to be both engaging and deeply informative, these offerings promise a journey that moves beyond traditional learning. Whether you're a beginner looking to understand the basics or someone seeking advanced strategies, there's a course tailored for you. Explore the offerings below and unlock the potential that belief holds.

Imprint Phenomenon online course.


With the Imprint Phenomenon online course.

Storytelling For Business

Mastering the art of Storytelling to Captivate, Influence, Persuade and Stand Out in the World of Business. Mark Anthony's program is the ultimate seminar on the science of the art of storytelling for business presentations.

Team Building Event.

Enter the only teambuilding event that is scientifically proven to bond people at a significantly deeper level than any other event of its kind.

Building Employee Resilience

Resilience training protects your employees from stress and burnout and contributes significantly to maintaining peak performance levels.

How To Develop Unshakeable Resilience

Mark Anthony became one of the world's top salespeople and a sought-after speaker and author when he discovered our innate ability to become resilient irrespective of our circumstances or the challenges we have had to face.

How to unleash the Power of belief and expectation

Unlock the Power Within your company: Harness the Fusion of Belief and Expectation Theory for the Ultimate Mindset

Group Coaching

Coaching with Mark Anthony. The Belief Doctor. Shattering your limitations!

Hear from Those Who've Embarked on the Journey with Mark

Real Stories, Real Transformations

Dive into the genuine experiences of individuals who've transformed their beliefs and lives under Mark's guidance. Each testimonial tells a story of change, empowerment, and newfound confidence. Let their journeys inspire you and show you what's possible when you unlock the true potential of your beliefs with the Belief Doctor.


Billy Schwer

World IBO Boxing Champion

"The man who taught the world how to believe."


Brendan Power

Convention chairman. Life insurance association

"Congratulations on your tremendous presentation, we have had nothing but positive comments from the delegates, even the production crew went out of their way to comment on the quality of the talk, and they see dozens of presentations every year."


Warren Storm

Director. Storm associates. New Zealand.

"The impact your story had on all of us was amazing, there wasn’t a dry eye in the audience."



Assistant head. Victoria College.

"Thanks for your amazing talk to our sixth form students; you have given us all fresh ways of thinking and viewing the challenges ahead."


Stuart Bowen

De Vere Estate Agents

"Your insights and knowledge on the use of storytelling in business was eye opening, in over 20 years of organising conferences, you were the most captivating and authentic speaker we have ever had, and we can’t wait to get you back"


Rich Abajian

Saturn Cars. Nevada.

"An inspiring and captivating presentation on the power of resilience and mindset, simply incredible."

Unleash Your Potential Today

A Conversation That Could Change Your Life

Embarking on the journey of self-transformation starts with a single step. Experience firsthand the transformative power of belief with Mark Baker. Don't let limitations or past experiences define you. Schedule a personalised session with Mark and start paving your path to newfound empowerment.

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